Our specialists perform all types of construction and installation work using advanced technologies, including:

  • Installation of deep foundations on bored posts and prismatic piles.

  • Reinforcement and concrete work of varying complexity.

  • Installation of reinforced concrete and metal spans, on scaffolding, in a canopy or sliding.

At the moment, a progressive technology is being introduced for manufacture of reinforced concrete spans of highway bridges made of monolithic reinforced concrete by spans up to 90 m.

With spans up to 35 meters, these are plate-and-beam sections, and with spans of 35–90 m - box-shaped reinforced concrete sections with pre-stressing in place.

The technology is cost-effective and at the same time improves the aesthetics of buildings and their architectural qualities. The geometry of structures is getting better, especially in curve sections, the possibilities of placing structures in cramped conditions and building multi-tiered road interchanges increase.

Monolithic reinforced concrete spans pre-stressed in place are not only a new construction technology, but also a high modern frontier in calculations and design, which is within the power of our corporate design division.

The company uses modern technological equipment. Our company also has updated regulatory and technical documents. We operate by modern methods of sliding metal bridges having appropriate equipment and specialists. At the production site a system of input, operational and acceptance quality control of raw materials and finished products has been organized. Finished products pass output and acceptance control by testing in accredited laboratories.

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